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Community Outreach

Programs for our Local and Online Community


Baby in a Bag

Seed of Light Unity Temple is committed to helping families in need in our community. As part of our mission, we've fostered an ongoing ministry to deliver fully loaded diaper bags to local hospitals in Arizona and to some of our members who live in other states. We believe that every family deserves the support they need to bring their baby home, and we're proud to offer this program to help low-income families. If you're interested in supporting our diaper bag program, please donate.

Spiritual Art Therapy

At Seed of Light Unity Temple, we offer a unique form of therapy through spiritual art and creative expression. With a focus on deepening spiritual connections, our approach has proven to be a valuable tool in overcoming depression and other mental disorders. Additionally, our therapy sessions have helped couples strengthen and deepen their intimacy. Our experienced practitioners customize each session to meet the specific needs of the individual or couple. Contact us today to embark on a journey of spiritual healing and discover your inner peace.

Art Class
Carrying Books

Women's Advocacy

We advocate for women who face homelessness, domestic violence and other challenges where they need a voice of support.  We offer resources to assist women with getting back on their feet after hardship.  We have a career closet and accept ongoing donations of clothing to assist women in reaching their educational and professional goals.

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