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Our Services

Our goal at Seed of Light Unity Temple is to provide a welcoming and safe space for individuals to connect with their spirituality. We believe that everyone deserves access to spiritual services, which is why we offer many free spiritual offerings and services for our community and we also accept donations for services. We do offer some paid services but strive to keep them affordable for everyone. We are committed to building a strong and supportive community and hope to see you at our next event or service.

Prayer Requests

You can email us anytime with your request for the clearing of negative and low vibrating frequencies from your life.  You may also request prayers for healing of any mental, emotional or physical condition and a prayer candle for healing will be lit.

email us prayer requests only at: and our prayer team will be assigned and start sending love and light your way!

Nuptials and Marriage Ceremonies

Our mission is to offer customizable wedding services that reflect the unique desires of each couple. We work with you to create a truly unforgettable ceremony, tailored to your cultural and spiritual beliefs. With our dedication to creating customized, individualized experiences, we're confident that we'll make your special day an unforgettable one.

Death Doula

Our spiritual services include last rites (according to your tradition) and body purification with frankincense and myrrh to prepare our clients for the next stage of their journey. We also offer free grief counseling to provide emotional support to families who are struggling during this difficult time. Our mission is to provide comfort, guidance, and support to all those who seek it.

Marital Counseling

Priestess Ningba offers free guidance for married couples seeking to have healing in their marriage.  for couples who cannot afford traditional therapy or for those who are in need of someone who will respect and understand the intricacies of their spiritual paths.

House Clearing

We have a range of spiritual practices available to fit wherever you may be on your journey. Our house energy cleansing service is one of our most popular offering, clearing your new home of old energies and preparing it for your move in. We also offer healing energy to the land around your home, ensuring that your experience is both positive and uplifting.

Religious Exemption Letters

For long standing members of Seed of Light Unity Temple, we offer religious exemption letters as a way to support their individual beliefs from a religious perspective. We understand that each family and individual may have unique spiritual practices that may not be recognized by other institutions or organizations. Our consultations provide a safe and supportive space to discuss your family's religious beliefs and to create a personalized plan that aligns with your values.

Guided Meditation and Healing

Seed of Light Unity Temple is your destination for personalized spiritual guidance services. W offer a range of one on one paid consultations tailored to suit your unique needs. With our guidance, you can develop greater self-awareness, overcome obstacles, and achieve greater understanding of your life’s purpose. Whether you’re looking for support with meditation, prayer, or spiritual counseling, we have the experience and knowledge to help you find peace, joy, and fulfillment on your path.

Herbal Tea

Art & Herbal Tea Ceremony

 We provide herbal tea ceremonies, utilizing herbs known for their calming and soothing properties that complement our meditation sessions. Our chakra alignment and aura cleansing services provide deep energy cleansing to help you achieve greater balance and well-being in your life. One of the key components to this ceremony is the spiritual art.  We connect to the Divine through creative expression.  Art supplies will be provided. Come and see for yourself, the profound and rewarding benefits of our tea ceremonies.


Ancestral Lineage Work

Entering into a healing journey requires inner work, and that's where we come in. Our experienced facilitator will guide you through personalized Ancestral Healing sessions that are structured specifically to cater to your needs. These sessions will help you unblock years of negative patterns and teachings that have been passed down through generations, and free you from any ancestral karma that may have been holding you back. Take control of your journey today and allow us to help you reach enlightenment.


Egyptian Reiki &
Quantum Healing

We offer Egyptian or Khemetic Reiki (Sekhem Reiki), Quantum Touch Healing, and Holographic Healing to promote overall wellness in our clients' lives. Our Sekhem Reiki Seichim Masters Teacher brings a wealth of experience in providing compassionate guidance and healing experiences, helping to unlock potential and untangle blockages. Trust us to be your spiritual sanctuary, designed to facilitate a sense of inner peace and balance.

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