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4 Week Mentoring

Ningba now offers a 4-week intense mentoring program called, The Absolute You.  This program aims to take you beyond your "best self" into your Absolute Self.  The guidance offered helps to integrate you from a holistic perspective on all three planes of existence.  That's physical, mental and spiritual.

Planes of Existence


Physical Plane

This is the realm of tangible, material existence—the physical world we perceive with our senses. It encompasses everything we can touch, see, hear, taste, and smell. From a metaphysical perspective, the physical plane is often seen as the most dense and least flexible of the three planes. It's where the laws of physics govern reality, and where cause and effect play out in a visible and measurable manner. In this plane, we experience the limitations of space and time, and it's where our physical bodies reside.


Mental Plane

The mental plane is where our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions reside. It's the realm of the mind, consciousness, and intellect. In this plane, thoughts have power and can influence our reality. Here, concepts like perception, cognition, and reasoning shape our experiences. From a metaphysical standpoint, the mental plane is considered more flexible and responsive to change compared to the physical plane. Practices like meditation, visualization, and affirmations often work on this level to manifest desires and transform beliefs.


Spiritual Plane

The spiritual plane transcends the physical and mental realms, representing the highest level of consciousness and interconnectedness. It's where we tap into our inner wisdom, intuition, and higher purpose. This plane encompasses concepts such as soul, spirit, and divine energy. From a metaphysical perspective, the spiritual plane is considered the source of all existence, where the essence of who we are transcends individuality and merges with the universal consciousness or divine intelligence. Practices like prayer, mindfulness, and spiritual rituals are often aimed at connecting with this higher aspect of reality.

How to Book Mentoring

Introducing the 4-week mentoring program designed to guide you through each energy center while receiving spiritual activation. Join Ningba for one hour and fifteen minutes each week for 4 weeks, with all sessions occurring at the same day and time each week. This holistic/wholistic mentoring program includes homework assignments, affirmations, guided meditations, and breath work. The affordable cost of this program is $499, which breaks down to $100 per hour. There will be no readings given. nor will there be guidance on divination or specific aspects of spirituality. This program is to help assist you with removing personal energy blockages and spending time working through each area of life, one aspect, one energy point at a time.  Simply fill out the form below to request an invoice from A Healing Stone, our sister company and Ningba will email you with the next steps to set up your meeting and get going on your journey toward The Absolute You!.

Area of Life Covered

These are the topics that will be explored during your mentoring.


Emotional Blockage and Past Trauma

Job, Career & Business

Life Purpose and Overall Spiritual Guidance

Relationships, Family and Family Planning

Correcting Self-Limiting Beliefs

Optimizing the Physical Construct (Human Body)


Request an Invoice

Please use this form to request an invoice when you are ready to begin your mentoring program.

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