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The Age of Deception

Greetings Soul Family,

In our shared journey through life, we encounter a diverse array of individuals. Unfortunately, not all carry intentions as pure as they may seem. Today, let's explore the subtle art of identifying those who disguise themselves as allies but harbor intentions that run counter to the collective well-being.

The Deceptive Veil:

Life often introduces us to individuals who wear a deceptive veil, presenting themselves as allies while concealing motives that may be detrimental. Recognizing such individuals is crucial for maintaining the harmony and integrity of our shared space.

Craftsmanship in Deception:

It's disconcerting to acknowledge that some navigate life with a skilled hand in deception and manipulation. The world hosts individuals adept at leveraging low vibrational energy to exploit the trust and vulnerability of others. Awareness of this reality is the first step toward safeguarding our collective energy.

Signs of Manipulation:

Manipulators often leave subtle clues in their wake. Watch for inconsistent behavior, excessive flattery, or an uncanny ability to exploit emotional vulnerabilities. Those skilled in manipulation might create a facade of kindness while subtly undermining trust. Paying attention to these signals helps unveil the true intentions behind the mask.

Low Vibrational Energy:

Deception thrives on low vibrational energy. Those who engage in manipulative behavior often operate from a space of fear, greed, or insecurity. By elevating our collective vibrational frequency through awareness, empathy, and authenticity, we create an environment less conducive to the manipulative energies that seek to exploit.

Building a Shield of Awareness:

Arming ourselves with awareness is akin to forging a shield against manipulation. Encourage open communication within our Soul Family, fostering an environment where genuine intentions are celebrated, and trust is fortified. By collectively staying vigilant, we create a bastion against those who seek to disrupt our harmonious coexistence.

Empowering Each Other:

In recognizing the subtle signs of deception, we empower ourselves and each other. Share experiences, discuss concerns, and collaboratively build a shield of awareness that safeguards the vibrational integrity of our shared space. Together, we stand resilient against the influence of wolves in sheep's clothing.


Dear Soul Family, in navigating the intricate web of human interactions, let us remain vigilant. By fostering a culture of awareness, empathy, and open communication, we fortify our shared space against the deceptive energies that may seek to undermine our collective well-being.

In unity and awareness,

Priesstess Ningba

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