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Spiritual Self Help

Ebooks and Audio Clips

Here are a collection of ebooks written by Ningba as well as downloadable audio books brought to you by the Seed of Light Unity Temple.

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Its Not In The Cards.

This is the long-awaited, highly anticipated tell-all audio book where Ningba details her life as a rising internet psychic medium and spiritual teacher, known to the world as Afrodeity Stone The Starseed Healer.  There are some graphic details and  true testimony of what its like being one of the past decades' most sought-after tarot readers and spiritual consultants.

She takes you through a harrowing journey through the 22 Major Arcana describing how she experienced every aspect of the Major Arcana while being a highly paid spiritual professional.

She discusses the true reason why she left social media and why she discontinued active practice as an Ifa priestess.  The details regarding  spiritual attacks that she fell victim to are heart wrenching, and in the face of adversity, she smiled during every social media upload, all while fighting to save her marriage, her life, her mental stability and more!


She also discusses spiritual work outside of the cards and dealing with spiritual awakenings.  You'll be glad you took the time to listen.

This memoir will not disappoint!

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