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We simply want to encourage you to create space and time to express yourself creatively.  We want to be your accountability partner by offering this space of healing and love and charging you to become a part of not just an artistic movement, but an expression of self-love.


Each month we will feature a themed painting so that you can paint along with us at your own pace and in your own time. Being creative helps connect us to the Divine, it also helps to foster strong spiritual awareness and increased intuition.  Art as therapy has been proven to lift the mood, thereby decreasing symptoms associated with depression and other mood disorders.

As anger management, art is critical as it helps to direct focus and initiates the release of negative or low energies by allowing the expressionist to pour everything onto the canvas. It also allows for freedom from judgment because after all, it's art...and better to get those feelings out than to hold them in!

Check back each month as we feature a new image to help connect us with the frequency of the month!

February 2024

During the still of Winter our Soul can take rest and rejuvenation to prepare us for the rebirth that awaits.

Traditional African Masks Watercolor

It's time to embrace our African roots and explore what makes us truly African. Let's take a moment to reflect on our connection to African culture and how we can align ourselves with it. This month, let's unleash our creativity and paint something that ignites the African spirit within us. Let the warmth of the African sun bring comfort to our cold February nights.

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